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BuyByBitcoin - Seller Information

BuyByBitcoin is a market place where people can spend their Bitcoins. We are dedicated to heightening awareness and promoting the use of Bitcoin as a valid mode of currency exchange. As a vendor or affiliate you can upload and sell your products on BuyByBitcoin. As a seller this means your products have an additional outlet with free advertising. Why wouldn't you join?

How It Works

When you sign up as a Vendor on BuyByBitcoin you have your own admin area where you can create your own product listings, provide descriptions, upload images, set attributes and options and assign them categories. Buyers can then search, compare and purchase directly from the site. The admin area is simple an intuitive, you can also track your order sales and viewing stats.

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Admin Dashboard

Handling Orders

The overall process is simple; a customer places an order using the shopping cart, when the order is placed the customer will be given a Bitcoin address to send the payment to. Once the buyer pays and the transaction is confirmed, you will receive an the order form by email containing the customer details, including the shipping destination. You would then treat the order like any other order, whether you are a retailer, a dropshipper or an affiliate. It is your responsibility to ship the goods to the customer and issue the customer with a tracking code. This can be done through your buy by Bitcoin backend or you can use your own systems if you prefer.

Order Payment

You receive payment through BuyByBitcoin. When the customer places an order it is placed with BuyByBitcoin, BuyByBitcoin will forward the payment, minus the fee to the wallet you specified when you signed up, (see Vendor Fees below).

Shipping Fee

BuyByBitcoin utilizes a shipping by weight model as well as a flexible flat rate on a product by product basis. In other words you can assign specific products individual prices based on size or shipping locations. This flat rate will only ever be available to the buyer if the product is 'the only' product in their shopping cart otherwise the ship by weight model is applied.  If no specific product price is set the default "ship by weight" structure will be used. This structure is set according to standard shipping rates. As a seller you may have to factor any additional costs of shipping into the price of your products. It is important therefore to make sure that you have specified the weight of each product in the Product edit page. If no weight is specified for a product the price will be calculated on the lowest measurement listed.

Vendor Fees

BuyByBitcoin employs a very simple fee structure. A humble 2.5% is extracted from each transaction and the balance is sent to you, the only other requirement for having your products displayed on BuyByBitcoin is that you place a backlink to www.buybybitcoin on your website. This is non-negotiable. That's it. The 2.5% is calculated on the cost of the products alone, it is not taken from the combined cost of the order plus shipping cost.

Setting Up Your Products

The only thing you have to do on BuyByBitcoin is to set up your products for display, this is just a matter of going to your admin area, adding products and setting their categories. If required, you can also set attributes and options to allow for different prices depending on the options the user chooses.

When you are ready to start adding products, you can follow the Getting Started Guide. Should you have any questions, contact, we will be happy to deal with any queries.