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The Surveyor, by Eli T Wright. book 1

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"The Surveyor" brings us to a parallel of our own world, with the exception of a future where resistance to diabolical government manipulation may lead to the next evolutionary step for humankind. Had the exploration of the known world and first contacts between strange and foreign peoples taken place with an aim to establish peace and unity among the already staggered warring civilisations around the globe, might we all have other things say for ourselves today. The first chapter initiates readers to "The Voyage of The Fellowship." One of many timely and on-going narratives this melodious hegemony boasts for our posterity and pleasure. Then Surveyor jumps right into the future events of a world, very much of our own making, not without visiting familiar references and events that lent to this profound present tense. The Second and Third Chapters: 'Crisis Sale' and 'DFA' go from the eleventh hour of one society's despotic search for individual purpose and moral virtues, among other principles, that have been removed by the passing of time under a corporate shadow-junta regime.

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